Winning the Grandparents’ Visit with These Fun and Simple Tips

“We all love our grandparents but sometimes their judgment could be a little too much. After they announce they’re going to come for a visit there’s always a mix of initial excitement and happiness, and then trepidation as you check around your apartment and realize there is a lot of work to be done to make the place presentable to members of the family who may or may not have lived through the great depression and then made something of their lives and also have been working their entire adult lives and built up a proper retirement fund and now are reaping the rewards of the hard work, such as you should be someday. That’s enough there to cause anyone to sprout a few extra grey hairs. Here’s keep away from that stress!

1. Roommate Favor


A roommate shows that you are unable to live all on your own for whatever reason, and it’d be much better for your grandparents to imagine that you have this place all to yourself. Here’s where you call in a favor of your roommate. Get them to be with a friend or spouse and turn that room into a guest room. Should they think you really make enough money on your lame job that you can afford a 2 BR apartment all by yourself and they also don’t have to get a hotel room, it might take a little work but it’ll be definitely worth the elbow grease and the bribing. They’ll be so impressed!

2. You Can’t Drive Your Beat Up Old Hunk of Junk


When your grandparents fly in and you attempt to pick them up inside your 15-year old car that still provides the Dunkin Donuts wrappers and cups in the back seat, you may as well scratch your name out of your will yourself. A much better idea is to rent a cool car from a place like and use that for the weekend. You don’t have to get anything flashy or expensive, just something that looks and smells new. They’ll sure be astounded by how well you manage your life that you can have a nice car this way, although you don’t have to make a huge deal about this. And they won’t be embarrassed getting out and also in of it. See what kind of practical options you possess for cheap at

3. Barter With Your Restaurant Friends


Yet another thing grandparents like is fancy meals. A nice meal will help a lot to appease their picky habits in addition to their opinion in your life style, although now you don’t have to go the very best steak house in all of Hollywood. This is when you want to barter with your friends who work on a nice place. Get them to comp you a meal in exchange for something cool that can be done for them. Use your imagination, but entice them with something which won’t cost a lot of money (otherwise what’s the idea) and that only you can offer them. It’s about time we return to a bartering kind of culture anyway, why not? So if you can squeeze from their store a nice meal at their restaurant, the grandparents will probably be psyched!”