What You Can Bring to Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and if you are not doing any cooking this year and have been lucky enough to get invited somewhere for dinner you may want to consider just what you can bring to the occasion. Whether you are attending a big meal with dozens of other family and friends or if it is just going to be a small affair with a few people, you may feel some type of obligation to bring something to help contribute to the holiday. There are some ideas and tips you should follow when you are trying to decide what you can bring to Thanksgiving dinner so you are sure you have the perfect item.

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• Ask First – Before you decide on bringing any type of dish or food to the meal, you want to be sure to check with your host first to make sure it is okay. You do not want to bring your classic green bean casserole only to find out that your host already has three different versions of the same dish to serve. If there is something that is needed offer to gladly contribute by making it.
• Do Prep at Home – If you are going to be making a dish it is always best to do as much as you can with the dish before you arrive. You do not want to be in the kitchen taking room chopping vegetables or asking for spices when there are a dozen other things going on in there. Do all of your prep and cooking at home if you can and ideally if you can make a side dish that can be heated up without having to go in the oven that is even better.

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• Lend a Hand – If the host insists you just bring yourself, offer to come early and help with anything assistance is needed with. You can help with kitchen prep work, setting the table, getting drinks for others or just to be there to help dry dishes when it is needed.

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• Bring a Gift – If you have made offers to bring a dish, beverages or anything else and been rebuffed, you should at least bring a gift for the host as a thanks for inviting you. Flowers are always nice, but bring them cut or in a vase already so the host does not need to take the time out to do it. A small fruit basket or tray is also great, or some decorative napkins and towels or a basket with makings for breakfast the next day or for lunch with the turkey leftovers.
When you are invited over to someone else’s home for Thanksgiving you do want to show you are grateful by having something to bring with you. You also want to make sure you stay out of the way and let the host take care of things their way and help out whenever you are asked. It can also be a big plus to make sure you arrive on time, so make sure you are driving a reliable car to get you back and forth that day. If it is time for you to upgrade to something better take a look at the vehicles available at the Puente Hills Nissan dealer at Downtown Nissan. You can just the right car to provide you with a smooth and elegant ride to any holiday destination.