What Should You Know About Auto Glass

Just as the name implies, auto glass is all the glass that you find in your automobile. Contrary to popular belief, not all auto glass is the same. There are actually different types that are available and you need to know about them. According to auto glass repair Victoria specialists, we have 2 main auto glass types that are nowadays used:

  • Laminated safety glass – Such auto glass will normally appear in the windshield. It is made out of 2 glass pieces with a slim vinyl layer. Glass is heated and then pressed together with the use of the autoclave oven. As the glass is faced with an impact it will shatter but all the pieces are going to stick to vinyl instead of falling to the ground. That is why it is popular in windshields.
  • Tempered glass – Such auto glass will normally be included in the rear and side car windows. It is created through a specific process where heating and cooling are done really fast. When faced with an impact, the glass will shatter in many pieces and will fall right to the ground. There are no sharp edges that will appear as opposed to the regular glass that is broken.

Car Accidents And Auto Glass

When a car accident happens the auto glass will be damaged. In most situations the glass that is damaged needs to be replaced. However, it is possible that repairs are done. Everything is basically based on what degree of damage appeared and the type of glass that the car uses. There are also cases in which chips or veins appear in a windshield due to small gravel pieces that are thrown up from roads. Truck vibrations will cause such veins to keep increasing in time. If the glass is now damaged and you drive with it, you are committing an offense in many parts of the world. Receiving a ticket is something that happens in such a case.

Windshield Replacements

Nowadays, windshields can so easily be replaced. You do not have to always go to an auto repair shop since the repairman can actually come to your residence and install the glass for you. That is how easy it is to replace it. Also, many car owners that have the necessary knowledge can do everything alone. The idea is to remove wipers, cowls and molding in order to take out the windshield. Then the area is cleaned off so the brand new windshield can be added. Wipers, molding and cowl will then be re-added. The whole process normally takes just one hour.

Repairing Auto Glass

In the event we have windshields that present small nicks or veins, repairmen should be contacted. They can actually repair these small problems and stop a further spread from appearing. This is a half an hour job. Resin is normally utilized in a combination of other materials that would hold it in place. In some cases you can even choose the materials that are used. That would have an impact on prices.