Tips for the Road Tripping Noob: How to Save Money and Maximize Fun

Road trips are the American dream. Nearly every American either dreams about going on a classic road trip, or is just in denial. If you’ve never been on a real, honest to goodness road trip, and we’re not talking about driving three hours to get to IKEA, now, then you probably will want to listen up because going on a road trip is not as hard as you might think. People often talk themselves out of going on such a trip because it’s impractical and too expensive and they don’t have the time or the know how. Well that’s silly and you have to stop this negative line of thinking because it probably interferes with other aspects of your life and that’s not cool. You have to embrace your life and your sense of adventure and start living since i’m not sure if you got the memo but you only live once and so why wait around to die. Here are some pro road trip tips.

Snacks and Waters Brought From Home


You might think buying a few waters and snacks here and there at the rest stops won’t really add up but boy howdy would you be wrong. It adds up and it adds up quick. You would be a fool to not fill up that back seat with waters and snacks. There’s no glory or the road trip snack, it’s not like eating lunch and dinner, where you want to sample of the local fares. You can bring chips from home or beef jerky from home and not miss out on any of the road trip ways of life.

The Right Car


A road trip can get ruined right quick if you’re in the wrong car. The wrong car manifests itself in many ways. Either it gets such bad fuel economy that you’re stopping every 250 miles, or similarly, if the tank is too small. Or it can be wrong if your back seizes up and you have back pain the whole time. You want your car to be comfortable and ideally get up to 400 miles per tank. For example, a Toyota Prius is a great road trip car, since everyone knows it’s built for long distances. Look at and you’ll see some really cool and sporty Prius that would be great for a road trip of any length. You can also calculate a monthly payment at and you can see that you can afford it.

Free Lodging


Another great way to stretch your dollar on a road trip is to stay with people along the way. If you have friends in a city, great, stay with them. But if not, there are websites where you can meet up with people in a city or town and stay with them. It’s very safe, and not only do you save money, but you might just might make a new friend, a new lifelong friend, or at the very least, get some local tips on where to eat in this new town.