Tiny but Awesome Cars You Should Strongly Consider Getting

The time of year that we know as car shopping season is upon us. It’s when we look out at the driveway and see the hunk of junk we’ve been zipping around in and realize that maybe it’s time for a change, and a time to get something more exciting and fun since when it comes down to it, we only live once and frankly, what are we doing with that 19-year old hunk of junk. What’s the point. So if these words ring true for you then it’s time to stand up and look in the mirror and point at yourself and say, you deserve to drive something zippy, and cool, and not too expensive, and practical but fun. Here are the best choices you should consider.

Honda Fit


If you want to know more about the Honda Fit, just ask someone you know who drives one – these were once the words of the Toyota Camry company but you’ll notice they don’t say that anymore. That’s because the Camry failed to modernize and stay hip and soon became too ubiquitous and synonymous with boring dad. And even then it started losing out to its sister the Prius. The Camry is no way still as popular as it was ten years ago. And that’s where the fun and cool Honda Fit zips in. This little ball of joy is fun to drive, has a hatch back for all the storing of stuff that you could need, and has the reliability of Honda that you’ve known over the years. This mini zip zip is a perfect car for any of you looking for a fun but not too expensive change.

Nissan Juke


You may think we’ve lost our minds but while we have, it’s not because of this suggestion. The Juke is one of those cool and unique vehicles that is still new enough that people won’t universally know what the heck it is you’re driving. They might wonder if you picked one up when you were on a sabbatical in Iceland, and then they’ll wonder when it was that you went on this Icelandic sabbatical. The truth is these Japanese wonders are fun to drive, cool and spunky, and a great change of tempo for many of you out there. Check the, out at Chino Hills Nissan and you’ll be psyched you did.

Nissan Versa Note


This is the new star player in Team Nissan – the Versa was always a fun little car, but their Note line is now even more peppy, with the almost-always standard variable transmission pattern that really increases gas mileage. What a brilliant invention that was. Ask them at Metro Nissan Redlands to tell you all about that. Variable Valve Timing it’s called. It’s genius. These things are going to be the star into the future and you will be fresh on top of the wave of coolness if you check out these awesome cars that will really lend a hand to making your next few years great times to drive.