Philips Car Turn Indicators

Turn indicators (otherwise known as “blinkers”, “flashers” or “directionals”) are flashing lamps mounted on both sides of the front and rear part of the car (above the bumper). They have two different functions. When turned on just one side, they indicate the intention of the driver to turn or change lanes. When all of them are turned on, it means that car had to stop at an inappropriate spot due to some sudden event.

A rhythmical sound is produced inside the car to remind the driver about the functioning of the turn indicator. Apart from that, most cars have a mechanism that turns the light off once the driver had completed the turn or finished changing lanes, in case he forgets about the turn indicator.

car turn indicators

Turn lights may be also installed on the car’s mirrors. It is an additional safety precaution. Sometimes you might not see the back of the car in front of you (when it is in your blind spot), but the mirror lights are visible.

Switching on a turning indicator is a very simple task and it is one of the first things learnt in driving school. However, many drivers forget to do it or think that it is not important. What they fail to realize is that showing other drivers where you are going to go next is one of the fundamental principles of road safety. For example, when you are changing lanes in front of another car, and you don’t switch on the turn indicator, the other driver doesn’t know of your intention, and might not brake fast enough, or even accelerate. At high speeds this will lead to a collision with possibly lethal consequences.

So it is crucial to have turn indicators that are reliable and highly visible. Philips produces LED W5W bulbs that are extremely bright and have a much bigger lifespan than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. So when you buy Philips turn indicators, you improve your safety and the safety of other people on the road.

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