Magneti Marelli Radiators

A radiator is a heat exchanger whose main purpose is to cool an internal combustion engine and oil in a car. Without it a car couldn’t function for long periods of time.

A radiator has several vessels, linked by thin tubes that form an entire net. The heated liquid comes from the engine to the top vessel, goes through the tubes, cools down and gets to the bottom vessel, and then, already cool, comes back to the engine. The cooling system is quite complex but it allows to maintain the correct temperature of the engine, avoiding overheating and liquid boiling.

Magneti Marelli

There are two main types of radiators: one has vertically placed tubes and the other has horizontally placed tubes. Early radiators were made of brass or copper. In the modern automobile industry aluminum radiators are used, due to being lighter and more reliable. If you are looking for some quality spare parts, check out this website

Because of its location in a car, a radiator is prone to pollution by the roadway dirt and physical damage (for example, if an accident occurs). The most common problems are related to the hermetic seal of the cooling vessels and the antifreeze leaks from the radiator.

If you find a hole on the radiator you could repair it, but the best option is to buy a new one, since that hole is normally a sign of a bigger problem, when new leak spots appear all the time. Magneti Marelli radiators have not one but two fans, allowing a more efficient cooling of the engine, so it can function properly. Resistant materials ensure that Magneti Marelli radiators are less prone to physical damage.

For a radiator to work properly a cleaning must be performed once in a while. You can use compressed air or water under pressure for that purpose. Also don’t forget to dilute the antifreeze with water.