Learn to Ride a Bike by Taking a Cbt Test

Bike riding is a cool and fun new skill to acquire. However, knowing where to get the best training can be a difficult. You can learn to ride a bike by taking a CBT test. The test is easy and will allow you to have the necessary skills for bike riding. There are a lot of rules and laws to follow when riding a bike but you can learn them in a short period.

1. What to know about CBT

CBT is a bike training that is required by the government of the UK before you are given a license to own a bike. It is the most accessible form of bike training and can be quickly done as long as you have a passion for bike riding. The training takes a day, but it can take longer depending on how fast you can learn. The training is compulsory to ensure that you are safe on the road. Also, the training aims at reducing the number of accidents that occur daily due to reckless bike riders. The training covers five parts before you become fully qualified.

2. Parts of the CBT course

  • Introduction and eyesight check
  • On-site training
  • On-site riding
  • On-road training

a. Introduction and eyesight training

This shows all the major involvement of riding a motorcycle. It would help if you familiarised yourself with all the rules and the highway codes. Additionally, you need to be able to read a plate number from a 20 metres distance. Also, you need to have a better understanding of why it is necessary to own and ride a well-maintained bike and the proper gear to wear.

b. On-site training

This is where you learn all the essential tips and bike controls and how to use them. You familiarise yourself with the motorcycle and scooter controls and how to use them. You learn how to break and park your bike safely. Additionally, you get to know how to carry out various and straightforward maintenance routine.

c. On-site riding

Here you learn how to ride a bike on a straight line. You familiarise yourself on how to use the brakes and riding in a controlled and slow manner. You learn how to change the gears and how to make U-turns.

d. On road training

Here you learn how to ride the bike on the road and learn how to use the rear mirror for observation. Learn how to ride carefully on the road and avoid accidents.


Learn to ride a bike by taking a CBT test anywhere in the country. You can contact the London Motorcycle Training and get your licence and permission to be on the road although it is safe if you ride a bike with an L sign at the back of your bike during the first few weeks.