Isn’t It Romantic? – Fun Ways to Pop the Question

“In the world today it is getting tougher and tougher to be original when it comes to proposing marriage. It seems like every day you see on television or on the Internet someone that did something on the jumbo screen at a sporting event or created some catchy, real-life music video for the world to see as they propose. It raises the bar for everyone else so that your girlfriend may be expecting something out of this world by the time you are ready to ask for her hand, putting even more pressure on you. Fear not dear friends – there are still fun ways that you can pop the question that allow you to show your romantic, fun side to create a memorable moment.
Go Traditional – It may seem like an old-school approach to some people, but everything that is retro and old is new and great again, right? You can take a few different approaches with a traditional method and wait for a family event and get down on one knee and propose. You can ask her father for permission to marry you and make a whole event out of it. If you want to try something really fun, get yourself a ladder, put it under her window, and climb up and propose (this only works if she lives somewhere with an accessible window; high rise apartments make this difficult for you).

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Go Full Out Romantic – you have probably heard from her on more than one occasion that you may not seem romantic enough or that male lead in the movies does everything to sweep a girl off her feet and you do not, so here is your chance to change all of that. Create a romantic setting all of your own. Do something that is completely out of the ordinary and is romantic to the hilt like you never have before. If she has a favorite idea she always mentions, now is the time for you to put it into action. Take a hot air balloon ride, go on a romantic picnic, take a row boat out on the lake, a walk on the beach or anything that you know will touch her heart. Return to the scene of your first date and make it a special night out and then surprise her with a ring.

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Think Out of the Box – While it may seem like every possible way to propose in a unique way has already been done by someone, that does not mean you should stop trying to come up with a new and fun idea that might knock her off her feet. It is time for you to put your brain power to work and see what you can pull off. Ask her friends and family if there is something she has always talked about when it comes to being asked and you may be able to stumble upon a golden gem that will do the trick for you.

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One thing to keep in mind is that whatever it is that you are able to come up with to make your marriage proposal fun is that you are going to have to plan everything out. This usually means you are going to need some reliable transportation to make sure you get the job done right. If your car has seen its better days and just is not up to the task, now is the time to look at what Toyota Mesa has to offer. You can find a great selection of new and used options at so you can have the perfect vehicle to help you create the atmosphere that will have her saying yes.