Interesting Info About the Dodge Dart

Dodge has such a great selection of vehicles it can be really difficult to choose the one that best suits the driver and the family. A great choice is the Dodge Dart. The Dart looks very much like a battalion sedan made for the American driver. It is a sleek and sporty looking vehicle and has a race type taillight with the crosshair grill that adds to its sleek appearance. To find out more about this and other Dodge vehicles pay a visit to downey used cars.

There are a lot of choices that come with the Dodge Dart such as multiple engine and transmission choices. There are a lot in the high tech options that come with this vehicle that don’t overpower the roominess of the interior.

When it comes to fuel economy this vehicle is a real family pleaser. It is an ideal vehicle for the individual that needs to drive to work whether they are faced with city traffic or highway driving. For the mom on the go that has to take the kids out to a lot of sports and activities, this vehicle is perfect to rely on.

The 2015 Dodge Dart is being classed as one of the most advanced in technology within its class. It has the available pushbutton start as a well as for convenience it is comprised of the wheel mounted controls. It also has the largest touchscreen that is available in vehicles in its class. For safety and convenience there is also the Bluetooth, to streaming audio for hands-free communication. When it comes to being hands-free the entertainment system that is comprised within the Dodge dart allows for this.

The display is most impressive with its in cut in cluster display that can be customized. Information that is important to the drivers is easily read from here. There are indicators for the vehicle’s performance, navigation, and vehicle status.

Many of the new owners of the Dodge Dart are really happy with the available keyless enter and go system for the pushbutton start. With this program they are able to enter their vehicle without a key as well as release the trunk, as well as start the vehicle. One of the best factors about the pushbutton start is its ease of use.

These are just a few of the many features and benefits that are making the Dodge Dart the family choice of vehicle. It is economical and can be a relied on for the busy family. For some great deals and information be sure to visit