How to Tell when You Are Who Your Parents Were when You Were Born

“We grow up revering our parents but also thinking they’re pretty lame. That’s the beauty of childhood, loving your parents and knowing you need them, but also realizing that you would never in a million years want to be as not as they are, and vowing to never be as not cool as you perceive them to be. As we age, we go through school and college and out into the real world where we have to fend for ourselves and make in this crazy thing we call the world. Now, of course, as generations progress, we have many of the same problems and issues as our parents, while the landscape changes and technology improves or ruins things. As you get older you start to maybe see how some of the lame things they did are maybe not so lame anymore. Here are some ways of telling if you are as not cool as your parents were back when you were born.

You Care About Gas Mileage


When you were younger, your dad had a piece of scratch paper and he would write down how many miles he went on a tank of gas and how much gas he put in, in order to calculate his gas mileage. Good gravy, you used to think, could dad be any more lame! Who cares, just fill up the tank? But now you find yourself doing the same thing. For example, when shopping for a new car on, you know the first thing you think about when considering a new truck would be wait, what’s the gas mileage. And of course, since they know they’re selling to dads, the website will always advertise that. It’s amazing that we care, because what difference does it make, plus with the prices falling so much now nationwide, it matters less than normal. Yet we still care, just like dad did.

If It’s Comfortable You’ll Wear It


Remember in high school squeezing into something you thought looked cool, or worrying about the clothing’s appearance as opposed to if it would last or if it was comfortable? Yet there’s dad, in his big dumb sweatshirt coming to pick you up, stains on his jeans. How embarrassing. Why wouldn’t you care? Well, now sometimes you throw on some ratty sneakers and a t shirt cause you’re just going to the store – yeah, the store where you never know whom you’ll run into! But if you’re comfortable, you’re going to wear it, because who cares, it’s not like the paparazzi is after you.

You’re Dating Your Mom


Obviously not exactly your mom, but admit it, the things you like about your girlfriend are the things you like, in part, about your mom. You didn’t think this girl was your type but bam, you’re together and come to think of it, you’re pretty happily together. You might even marry the girl and procreate and have kids who think you’re pretty lame but you don’t care because in time they’ll realize you were pretty cool all along.