Direct Training Scheme for Motorcycle Riders

The use of motorcycles has become a favorite method of road transport especially due to their efficiency. To own a motorcycle is relatively economical as buying and maintaining one is not costly. Their small sizes also enable the rider to navigate easily through traffic jams. Riding motorcycles has also become a fun activity among lovers of motorcycles. For one to be allowed to legally ride a motorcycle, training is required. Such training include Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) and Direct Access Scheme (DAS) that equip the rider with the necessary skills and information on the relevant traffic rules and regulations.

The DAS Program

The DAS Training Short for (Direct Access Scheme) training program is specifically tailored for persons aiming to acquire a full and unrestricted license for riding motorcycles. The prospective rider must be above 24 years of age. However, there are a few exceptions. For instance, motorcycle riders who have held their A2 license for more than 2 years are eligible. What is expected of them is a retake a practical assessment on a bigger motorcycle that is unrestricted. For those without an A2 motorcycle license, they are required to enroll for the Compulsory Basic Training to acquire the basic skills to be able to safely and successfully ride a motorcycle.

The practical DAS Training Short for (Direct Access Scheme) assessment is carried out on motorcycles and scooters with capacities of power output of more than 40kW and an engine capacity of at least 595cc. It is recommended to take the assessment on a manual motorcycle which is more involving as opposed to an automatic one. After a successful assessment, a rider will be given an unrestricted motorbike license. The license permits them to ride any motorcycle of choice, ride through motorways and haul passengers.

Choosing a Training Institution

The Direct Access Scheme has grown in popularity among many people including among famous personalities. The DAS program empowers motorcycle enthusiasts to explore their potential to the maximum. Many training centers have been established to quench the growing demand for motorcycle training and licensing. Several localities in London have training schools where interested people can enroll and take both CBT and DAS training.